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Greatest hinge in the world?

Our customer NOHA Norway, is a business partner who constantly is looking for better solutions. In this matter back in 2002, we were looking for a way to replace piano wire hinge on a fire cabinet with a new one in plastic. It was a big challenge since this hinge has to withstand a lot of weight (a complete fire hose on reel with water) and also high temperature.

The worlds greatest hinge?After good cooperating and engineering we could raise our flag at the end.

To the story we have to say that NOHA had a visit from a big abroad customer who looked at making a considerable order for fire cabinets to a new building project. When one of the visitors saw the plastic hinge, he say: “NO plastic, it will break”, whereupon one of the employees at NOHA obtained a weight at 150 kg and hung it at the outer end of the cabinet door and swung the door back and forth with impressed spectators. NOHA got the order 🙂

The hinge is in production as we speak. This shows a result of good cooperation, good knowledge and creative thinking, which characterizes how we want to work with our customers and suppliers.

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