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Company Information

Injection Molded Plastic Products

Since 1972 we've specialized in shaping and injection molding high quality products in the majority of technical plastics. Our production is localized in Tistedal, Halden. In addition, through our partners, we're able to contribute with production both in Norway and abroad, covering the majority of techniques in both plastic and metal.

Development and Design

We can assist with design and drawing, development, construction, shaping, production and 3D printing. Katoplast has its own workshop with 3 tool mechanics who continuously ensure the production process with exceptional service and maintenance of all manufacturing tools. In addition they provide excellent support during the development of new products.

Service and Flexibility

We constantly strive to accommodate our customers' varied needs. Our primary concern is customer satisfaction. Customer focus is is a constant through the production process, from the moment raw materials come in to when the finished product leaves. Katoplast have their own vans and trucks and can assist our customers with delivery on short notice.

Quality and Control

The quality of a product is set by, or through consultation with the customer. In addition to the primary samples we retain samples from everyday production through the production process. The process from the moment the order is placed until the wares leave our doors is continuously documented. With the help of labels on goods delivered to the customer, we are able trace the product all the way back to the batch number of the raw material.

Effective Production

Katoplast is currently investing heavily in automation and modern machinery, a process which minimizes deviations and errors in detain. We work constantly with development and improvements.

Secure Values

Through our efforts, our workshop is able to quickly pinpoint and repair errors that occur in production. This results in minimal delays in delivery time for our customers. In addition this process provides the customer with unique monitoring and service of the most important and expensive part of the production process; the form tool. As a general rule there is a single copy of the form tool and Katoplast considers it their responsibility to take care of this crucial part for the customer, therefor the form tool is stored in an A120 cell when not in use.

Competetive Prices

Through continuous focus on everything from raw mateirals to production and packaging, we work constantly to give our customers the most competetive end price.

Service in Focus

Katoplast puts the customer in focus and strives to provide the best possible customer experience. This focus inspired our motto, Service is our passion, a statement we're proud to uphold.