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About Us

About us

The brothers Gunnar and Ivar Kjellin founded Katoplast in 1972. The “Katoplast” name originated from the letters (Ka)ri and (To)ve in the names of the spouses of the company promoters. The business started in Gunnar Kjellins garage, with the owners as the only employees.

The activity moved several times to larger locations. In 1983 it was decided to build our own factory premises in Tistedal, a small town in municipal Halden.
The new premises opened in the autumn of 1984. There has been need for some enlargement since this.

The company is today owned and runned by Laila and Trond Vidar Kjellin. Trond Vidar has been Managing Director since 2011.
During these years there has been done huge investments in the production equipment and contains today of energy smart machines with free programmable robots.


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Katoplast is currently investing heavily in automation and modern machinery, a process which minimizes deviations and errors in detain. We work constantly with development and improvements.


Through our efforts, our workshop is able to quickly pinpoint and repair errors that occur in production. This results in minimal delays in delivery time for our customers.


Through continuous focus on everything from raw mateirals to production and packaging, we work constantly to give our customers the most competetive end price.


in Focuse
Katoplast puts the customer in focus and strives to provide the best possible customer experience. This focus inspired our motto, Service is our passion, a statement we're proud to uphold.



Today our workforce consists of 18 people, and our annual turnover in 2021 was approximately 27,4 million NOK.

Katoplast is owned and operated by married couple Laila and Trond Vidar Kjellin. Trond Vidar is one of the sons to one of the founders, Grunnar Kjellin.


is our passion