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About us old

The brothers Gunnar and Ivar Kjellin founded Katoplast in 1972. The “Katoplast” name originated from the letters (Ka)ri and (To)ve in the names of the spouses of the company promoters. The business started in Gunnar Kjellins garage, with the owners as the only employees.

The activity moved several times to larger locations.
In 1983 it was decided to build our own factory premises in Tistedal, a small town in municipal Halden.
The new premises opened in the autumn of 1984.
There has been need for some enlargement since this.
In 1997 a larger premises in the neighbourhood was bought and after renovation the whole operation was moved there. In line with increased activity, it has been necessary to expand the working staff.
In december 2006 we moved into new built office,  engineering workshop, dining room and warderobes and was all together under one roof.
The turnover in 2010 was approx 22 million Norwegian crowns and there are 17 employees with us today.

Today we have 17 mould machines from 25 - 520 tons. ur customers are mainly situated in southern Norway, but in recent years we have experienced increased demand from the European market. The company has a central location in southern Norway with excellent communication between border countries and further away locations.